Small Business Telephone System

Don't Let Your Business Phone Calls Drop: The Importance of a Small Business Telephone System

Keeping in touch with clients and customers is an important part of any business owner’s strategy. If you’re serious about growing your small business or are looking for a modernise your organisation’s telephone system, you need to consider implementing a Microsoft Teams Voice. It is a scalable, cloud-based telephone system that is part of the Microsoft 365 product suite.

Types of Business Telephone Systems

There are four types of business telephone systems that you can choose from. They are hosted PBX, premise-based PBX, virtual PBX, and traditional analog phone system. A hosted PBX, such as Microsoft Teams Voice, is the least expensive option and is becoming more popular with small businesses. It has the advantage of not requiring any upfront investment or equipment purchase. A premise-based PBX is an on-premise solution that requires some hardware and software as well as ongoing maintenance fees.

The Benefits of Having Microsoft Teams as Your Small Business Telephone System

A Teams phone system licence adds the ability to make and receive external phone calls in Microsoft Teams, as well as unlock the full phone system functionality. There will be no additional line renal required as Teams Calling is carried over your existing internet connection. Circle Cloud’s Teams Calling service comes with inclusive UK Calls (01,02,03 and 07 numbers).

Using a highly resilient and secure platform, Teams Voice provides a flexible, easy to use and fully integrated calling and collaboration service. It can be rolled out across all company locations and easily expanded as you grow.

Users can use either the PC application, mobile app or a desktop handset to make and receive calls, providing a single platform for your staff. The Teams Voice platform requires no other services, connectors or platforms to use the full PBX and calling service.

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