Call Recording

Managing Your Business Calls

There are times when it is useful to have a recording of a call to determine what was said during a phone call. This might be for training purposes, or to meet compliance requirements. Business call recording can help you manage all of your business calls by automatically recording every one you make and receive, so you never miss an important piece of information again.

What is Call Recording?

Call recording has been a valuable tool for businesses for decades. Recording every call that takes place within your business can be an invaluable asset. Sales call recording, in particular, is extremely important to have in place. It can be used as a tool for coaching new employees on best practices or addressing customer complaints. However, there are many other reasons why sales call recording is so vital for any business today.

Many of these benefits can only come about with an automated solution though. Get in touch to find out about Circle Cloud’s call recording solution.

Why You Should Record Your Business Calls

Our cloud based call recording solution allows you to store all phone calls made within your organisation. This is useful for dispute resolution and training purposes. For teams that take payments over the phone there are features to allow the user to pause call recording whilst taking payment details.

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