Microsoft Azure Consultancy

Scoping & Design

This package turns your business requirements into a technical architecture that works!

By taking this package, you will receive a dedicated Scoping Document. In order to provide you with the document, our Azure Consultant will provide a requirements gathering workshop with key stakeholders. This exercise will help us to understand your projects goals and current infrastructure.

Tomas Roberton - Microsoft Azure Specialist Tomas Roberton - Microsoft Azure Specialist

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Tomas Roberton
Technical Director
Our Scoping Document will detailā€¦

Detailed Technical Design

We will provide a technical design schematic that can be used as a visual aid to describe your future Azure architecture. Software design patterns are repeatable patterns that are proven to solve specific problems. Our detailed written design will specify the technical specification of your Azure design.


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Itemised Azure Forecast

We will provide an itemised breakdown of the Microsoft Azure resources required to deliver the proposed design. This will include all the required Microsoft products and services. 
The monthly cost for the resources required will also be included, such as virtual machines, storage and network bandwidth.


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Implementation Plan and Expected Consultancy Costs

After all of the workshops and scoping exercises, a high-level implementation plan will be provided. This plan details the main tasks required to deliver your Microsoft Azure environment. The task list detail everything that is required to be completed in your current environment. 
The document will also provide detailed timelines for each task to be completed. 



Licensing Recommendations

As part of our information gathering, we will get to understand your current Microsoft licensing. Our Azure consultant will recommend the most cost-efficient way to license your Azure environment. Taking into account your current licensing model so there is no confusion.
In turn, most cost effective licensing improves Microsoft products that you have already, as well as introduces you to a virtual environment. 

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Other Benefits

Our Scoping Document is no obligation! You can use it to implement the design yourself. However, if you don’t have the resource, we have a Technical Implementation package that can take care of this for you.
Our scoping is Fixed Cost! We will agree the amount of days the scoping will take up front.

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