Reactive Support

Reactive Support

In the last few years, Microsoft has begun focusing more on customer service than ever before, resulting in their partners including Circle Cloud to shift focus to how to best cater to their customers’ needs and issues. Known as Reactive Support for Microsoft 365, this customer service method has us acting in response to an issue to fix or alleviate it as quickly as possible. It’s not just reactive support, it’s proactive support too!

What is Reactive Support?

Reactive support is a process used by the Circle Cloud team in response to an issue with your Microsoft 365, mobile phone, laptop or PC. Reactive support is a type of customer service where a customer gets in touch with a problem that needs a solution. This support can be either remote or on-site depending on what you are experiencing with your Microsoft 365 software or device. If you have any questions about reactive support for Microsoft 365 and devices, feel free to contact us.

How to Use Reactive Support

When there's a problem with your Microsoft Office 365 account, laptop, mobile or PC, you can reach out to us and one of our trained service desk professionals will take care of it. If you have any questions about our Reactive Support or just want more information, feel free to ask us to email us for more information.

The Benefits of Reactive Support

Reactive support is the option for when you are experiencing a problem with your Office 365 product, mobile phone, laptop or PC and want a trained professional to help fix it. With reactive support, you'll be talking directly with a qualified Microsoft expert who will help you through the steps needed to get back up and running quickly. You can get in touch any time of day, including outside of normal working hours if you have a critical issue. Reactive support is also a great option if you've exhausted all other options for troubleshooting your own issue on your own.

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